Labour shortages on UK farms: What is the solution?

Gilbert TRAINEE IMMIGRATION ADVISER If you have ever felt guilty at having to throw away fruit and veg because you forgot to eat it before its use by date, then it turns out you have more in common with the British agricultural sector than you may have realised. On Monday 16 August 2022, a report… Continue reading Labour shortages on UK farms: What is the solution?

8 Mistakes to avoid when applying for a UK Sponsorship Licence

Atef Elmarakby IMMIGRATION LAW SPECIALIST Following Brexit, many businesses in the UK are have been racing to obtain a Home Office (HO) approved Sponsor Licence (SL) enable them to hire talent from across the world to respond to the UK acute job shortage.     SL is the special permission or stamp of trust given… Continue reading 8 Mistakes to avoid when applying for a UK Sponsorship Licence

Police Registration is abolished

Gilbert TRAINEE IMMIGRATION ADVISER The UK government is scrapping the scheme that required certain foreign nationals in the UK for more than 6 months to register with the police. While this makes life easier for UK visa holders, it is likely that the Home Office has already given their information to the police, due to… Continue reading Police Registration is abolished

The Graduate Route

Fazle SENIOR IMMIGRATION CONSULTANT The Graduate Route – the Home Office first-ever entirely digital evidence-free visa application The long-awaited Graduate route visa has been introduced for the UK graduate from 1 July 2021 which is the first-ever entirely digital application that does not require evidence if the applicant has a Biometric Resident Card or Permit.… Continue reading The Graduate Route

EU Settlement Scheme Challenges

Veronia TRAINEE IMMIGRATION ADVISER Our GOOD ADVICE UK Business Team has assisted more than 500 entrepreneurs throughout the years to come to the UK and start their businesses. In addition, we have also assisted more than 400 Sole Representatives of Overseas Businesses to bring their innovative products and services to the UK market.   Since… Continue reading EU Settlement Scheme Challenges

Windrush Cases

Atef IMMIGRATION LAW SPECIALIST Imagine spending most of your life in a country – working, raising a family, building a future – and suddenly be told you may not have the right to reside in this country. The story is not hypothetical, the country is the UK and the group of people affected are the… Continue reading Windrush Cases

Post-Brexit Immigration Facelift

Atef IMMIGRATION LAW SPECIALIST While all spectators are currently occupied with the UK Government’s White Paper published on 19 December 2018, laying how the new immigration system will look like from 1/1/2021, many individuals and families are concerned that there were new news for family immigration routes, especially for spouses of British citizens and the… Continue reading Post-Brexit Immigration Facelift

UK Innovator Visa

Atef IMMIGRATION LAW SPECIALIST The long-awaited Innovator Route is now open for applicants with experienced business track records who are aiming to establish a business in the UK. This route is open for applicants who are able to demonstrate that they have a new business idea, which will have been assessed by a third party… Continue reading UK Innovator Visa

Tier 2 (General) … UK Employment

Atef IMMIGRATION LAW SPECIALIST For those who are looking to move to the UK in order to work and be employed for a UK business or company with the view of settling in the UK, i.e. obtaining Permanent Residence and Indefinite Leave to Remain, then potentially acquire British citizenship, this article should help up understand… Continue reading Tier 2 (General) … UK Employment

Totally Un-innovative Visa Route

Atef IMMIGRATION LAW SPECIALIST Replacing the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Route the UK government introduced on 29 March 2019 the novel Innovator visa route for established businesspersons looking to set themselves up in the UK. To date zero applications were made under the new Innovator Route due to its inherit flaws of design. It appears… Continue reading Totally Un-innovative Visa Route