Replacing the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Route the UK government introduced on 29 March 2019 the novel Innovator visa route for established businesspersons looking to set themselves up in the UK.


To date zero applications were made under the new Innovator Route due to its inherit flaws of design.


It appears the government architects who structured the rules and requirements of this route lack basic comprehension of how businesses and start-ups actually work in the real world.


The designers of this route ensured to lock the fate of the route and its applicants under the mercy of few Endorsing Bodies who are either not interested to support such applications, busy to deal with beauacratic Home Office process and government fluctuating policies, has limited causes to support and or even unaware they were even listed by the UK government as Endorsing Bodies in the first place.


Immigration Lawyers and Practitioners including reputable think tanks and stakeholder in the UK and around the world have now confidently labelled the route as dysfunctional and practically inaccessible due to its obvious glitches rendering it unobtainable to overseas applicants.


Acting on the 2015 Migration Advisory Committee’s Report that Home Office caseworkers were not suitable nor qualified to assess business ideas and viability, the Endorsing Body concept came about, yet noble in its conception, so that only genuine filtered entrepreneurs get access to the UK business market and have expert endorsing business consultants judge the business cases, the technicalities of implementation dug the route’s own grave while it is still in the cradle.

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