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GOOD ADVICE UK is an innovative immigration law firm that prioritises the well-being of its clients. Undoubtedly, immigration law practices consistently contribute to the UK’s economy by adding to its skilled workforce. Our practice aims to streamline our clients’ applications, ultimately reducing the Home Office’s backlog of immigration applications. This is one of the ways that we are making an impact.

Another part of our mission is dealing with complex business, individual and humanitarian cases. We endeavour to add our personal touch by empathising with our clients while never underestimating the importance of emotion and sympathy in a professional environment.

Although the matters we cover in the report represent a small fraction of our firm’s cases and activities contributing to the positive social impact and the imprint our work leaves in people’s lives, we consider the matters included in this document amply demonstrating our commitment to pursuing justice and alleviating hardship for society’s most vulnerable.


Our report highlights the work GOOD ADVICE UK has done with vulnerable and underserved individuals to provide access to justice and support for refugees, among many other important pursuits.

Through our social policy, we promote the following internal and external factors:

We have turned these objectives into action and we are integrating our social concerns into our day-to-day operations and our dealings with our clients and the wider community.


Why we see ourselves as a social enterprise?

“Social impact is any of the great variety of changes in physiological state and subjective feelings, motives, and emotions, cognitions, and beliefs, values and behaviour, that occur in an individual, human, or animal, as a result of the real, implied or imagined presence of actions of other individuals” (Latane, 1981, p.343).


Every business has an impact on its surroundings and stakeholders. Measuring and evaluating this success is the only way we can ensure we are moving in the right direction. Impact measurement is aimed to judge the success of an enterprise in delivering to its stakeholders and its beneficiaries, measuring development and setting a vision in order to move forward.


While the benchmark for evaluating a business relates to its profits, social impact is about the opinions of society on a wider scale.

GAUK combines both:

Endeavouring to achieve significant social impact while also generating a financial return.


Successful social enterprises endeavour to alight the interests of internal and external stakeholders, including clients, employees, and investors. The means of achieving this should be through collaboration and co-creation in order to create an environment for scalable, sustainable impact.


Successful social entrepreneurs apply capitalistic business methods in order to deliver their stated social missions.



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Our Team

It is impossible to fully capture and measure the true essence of our firm without understanding the depth and diversity of the efforts being undertaken to make a substantial impact on individuals, families and businesses.

Our Values

We understand that as lawyers we are well – positioned to impact society and we saw the opportunity to better exploit our specific skills and the experience we have.

Our Commitment

Human Rights

Supporting a worthy cause has always been a part of our philosophy. The protection of human rights is within our area of expertise and we stream our efforts to help as much as possible.

Pro Bono

During 2018 GAUK has collectively provided more than 120 working hours of Pro Bono counsel and legal assistance, because we are aware that legal advice and support are costly services and there are many who cannot afford it, but desperately need it.

in the local community

GOOD ADVICE UK has always been aware of its surroundings and aiming to make change for the better. Our firm has grown, so have our community engagement efforts.

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