Local Communities

GOOD ADVICE UK in the local community

We have always been aware of our surroundings and aimed to inspire change in our local communities during our 15 years of activities. Now that our organisation has grown and despite its stance as an immigration law firm, we have an increasing focus towards community engagement.

On account of our location in London, we feel compelled to amplify our social impact and contribute to alleviating some of the city’s most significant challenges.

At the present time, a primary cause of concern would be youth violence and knife crime, and we will continue to take part in similar initiatives to supplement their efforts.

Better Community Business Network

BCBN partners with credible charities and identifies worthwhile community projects as a Muslim-led organisation.


While we are crucially different, we collectively aim for the betterment of our locale and society as a whole. BCBN enables organisations like ours to fulfil corporate social responsibility (CSR) while encouraging positive community participation.


In view of tackling violence and knife crime across London, BCBN has the support of award-winning delivery partners – KhulisaStreetDoctors, and Redthread. Collaborations such as this ideally enable an interruption of the negative cycle of violence at every stage. The project also aims to support young people towards a positive future.


Together, the three charities, in partnership with BCBN, support young people by helping them develop their knowledge and emotional resilience to make positive decisions, helping them to lead safe, happy and fulfilling lives, free from violence and crime.


Every year since 2011, BCBN has been raising funds to support the three charities and GOOD ADVICE UK is proudly contributing to the cause and will continue to do so.


We are privileged to be doing truly meaningful work, every time we have been instructed by a client.


Delivering on our mission is why we carry out our work. An impact is a valuable tool for ensuring more is done better and for the benefit of society.

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