Human Rights

Human Rights

We always support worthy causes as part of our mantra. Both individually and as a team, we continuously channel our efforts to help our current and prospective clients alike. This helps us contribute to the protection of human rights in our own special way.


Indeed, we have concluded over 100 successful asylum cases in the last 5 years; in addition to over 200 detailed consultation sessions to become a significantly consistent and compliant provider.


Civil and political unrest throughout the broader Middle East has markedly led to one of the biggest humanitarian crises of the century. Our legal assistants remain committed to alleviating the suffering of victims and asylum seekers of egregious violations of human rights law and aim to guide and support them through the legal immigration aspect of their socio-political severities.


Moreover, with uncertain political developments and cutbacks in government funding affecting access to justice, it becomes vital that our rush for the help of those in critical need of assistance becomes vital. Essentially, citizens receive help with legal matters and make a positive social impact.

O.G.’s Story

O.G. had taken part in the Arab Spring by joining a protest in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Through this, they became a target of the current regime and were further scrutinised in the UK. Consequently, their house overseas was destroyed, and O.G. was chased, attacked and threatened.

They were forced to live separately from their partner and two sons while trying to find work. Claiming asylum for the client in the UK has been an arduous process. Our team, however, did not give up and was rewarded with a grant as a result.

We are proud to help our clients in their difficult circumstances and we do not give up on fighting for them when it seems impossible to succeed.  

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