During 2018 GAUK has collectively provided more than 120 working hours of Pro Bono counsel and legal assistance because we are aware that legal advice and support are costly services and there are many who cannot afford it, but desperately needed it.


We believe that legal help should be accessible for all, however, in broad terms immigration cases are out of scope for legal aid, except asylum, or unless the immigration case is connected within scope.


We treat each assignment exactly as we would a billable matter, deploying the right skills and knowledge, performing the work with the same level of diligence and expending the effort necessary to meet the needs of low-income and disadvantaged individuals.


Our clients need to show they cannot afford to pay for legal costs and their problem is serious. They usually must provide details and evidence for their income, benefits, savings, and property and those of their partners.


After assessing our client’s eligibility, our senior legal advisor, Mr Atef Elmarakby, is consulting them regarding their eligibility to obtain legal status in the UK and our team provides exceptional guidance and assistance with their applications, including filling out forms, assisting in document gathering, chasing up Home Office delays, problems with coming to the UK or staying in the UK, e.g. applications for entry clearance, leave or enter to remain, naturalization or even claiming asylum.

case example

One of our recent cases was about a Philippine national, who married to a British citizen. She moved to the UK to live with her husband and their child and then our client was introduced to many problems and arguments. Our client was a victim of unspeakable domestic violence after she tried to find a new place to move with her son. She was unable to find accommodation due to her legal status in the UK and the lack of funds. Our client came to us in huge distress and fear. We managed to help and she has been granted a Leave to Remain, being able to work and to take care of her British child

GOOD ADVICE UK is conscious that advice and legal support are costly and there are many who cannot afford it.

GOOD ADVICE UK Pro Bono philosophy is founded on the strong belief that we are committed to give back to our local community and the wider base of clients who are in dire need to good quality legal advice but cannot afford it.


GOOD ADVICE UK and JUSTICE should be accessible for all.


Under our firm’s Pro Bono scheme, we provide free legal advice and representation to individuals in the community where legal aid is not available to them.



What is Pro-Bono?

Pro Bono is shortened from the Latin term “pro bono publico”, which mean “for the public good”.

This is professional legal work undertaken on a voluntary basis free of charge, for those who are in need of legal assistance but are not in a financial position to get this support.

Why we offer Pro-Bono?

NO BARRIERS TO JUSTICE is a notion that is at the very heart of GOOD ADVICE UK.

GOOD ADVICE UK strongly believes that Justice should be available and accessible to all and that one’s financial status should not act as a mean of inhibiting this accessibility. We are mindful of the fact that our legal advice and representation can change lives, including yours for the better. We do not want to only change lives at a cost… But also, for the greater public good!


GOOD ADVICE UK hopes to BRIDGE THE JUSTICE GAP in our society to encourage equality. Our institutional commitment to social responsibility and giving back to the society we live in.


The ethical underpinnings of Pro Bono services are qualities that we integrate within GOOD ADVICE UK. We seek to preserve the moral and ethical principles that are rooted in Pro Bono services in all of our work.


Article 6 of the European Convention of Human Rights


Under Article 6 of the ECHR, it is a fundamental right for everyone to be given a fair trial. We are aware that this includes adequate facilities to help prepare your case, which is where we will be at your service.


GOOD ADVICE UK will guide you through the application process and prepare your case to a high standard of quality provided.


GOOD ADVICE UK want to provide their vital services to people in real need. We will aim to assist with as many requests as we can, but we cannot take all the requests for pro bono, if you are in REAL need for GOOD ADVICE, please complete the below form and send it to us on This will help us determine whether we can offer you our pro bono legal services if you meet our eligibility criteria.

To arrange meeting with our lawyers, contact us by telephone at

 +44 2077202156 or by email at

If you have instructed us before, we would be pleased to know your feedback about your experience.

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GOOD ADVICE UK is registered in England and Wales as a Limited Company By Shares. Our Companies House Registration Number is: 06962398. We are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).

GOOD ADVICE UK is also authorised by the Information Commissioner Office in the UK and is a member of major legal organisations operating in the legal and immigration sectors including JCWI and ILPA.