Mr. Atef Elmarakby


The Founder


I began my journey in London as a student in 2004 and became a British citizen by 2015.  Having experienced the UK’s complex and dynamic immigration system first-hand as a migrant myself, I have developed a good understanding of the practical relocation obstacles as well as the legal challenges that come with immigration.  This helped me relate closely to my clients later. 


At the age of 28 and during the acute recession of 2008, I established GOOD ADVICE UK, and since then, my team and I have together assisted over 14000 clients in realising their personal goals and immigration objectives in the UK.


Immigration law has always been my passion and over the last 20 years of working in London, I have consistently managed to leverage my problem-solving, resourcefulness and entrepreneurial skills into good use for my clients so that they can realise their goals.


During this time, we worked with every imaginable client profile including entrepreneurs, students, families, innovators, skilled workers, artists, highly skilled migrants, intra-company staff, businesses and asylum-seekers. 


Whether helping a company, student, worker, or a person needing help and protection, there is a deep sense of fulfilment achieved when releasing one’s goals.


This sense of fulfilment and joy when concluding a matter is what kept us moving and growing as a team exerting every effort in tailoring our advice to our clients’ needs.  


I believe in having a friendly and personal approach with each client while remaining neutral and professional during the process which can be daunting in many situations, especially when dealing with government rules that are constantly changing.   In fact, I have been lucky enough to have friends who became my clients and many clients now I consider friends.


Any success that GOOD ADVICE UK had over the years can simply be attributed to hard work and determination of a dedicated team of fantastic people that I am proud to call family.


When not in the office helping clients, outings with friends and family through the walks of London, cycling or simply having a cup of tea outdoors, brings an additional joy.


Atef Elmarakby, Managing Director, GOOD ADVICE UK

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