Team of GOOD ADVICE UK has undertaken another intense training from one of the top immigration barristers in UK.

The thirst for knowledge differentiates good lawyer.


Our team underwent tough selection process to join GOOD ADVICE UK. To drive our competitiveness further and to deliver high quality outcomes for our individual and business clients, we never stop learning.


This December, our team of best immigration lawyers has undertaken another intensive training session from Mr Mark Symes, who is among the top immigration barristers in UK from Garden Court Chambers and is Head of HJT Training.


During the training, our team elevated their knowledge on Asylum, Human Rights and Complex Applications outside the Rules. Our team engaged into practical discussions and learnt from real life cases.


GOOD ADVICE UK continuously invests in each and every employee. We always stay up-to-date with changes and enrich our knowledge further.

Our team during Training with Mr Mark Symes

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