144 Million passengers arrived to the UK in the Year Ending 31 March 2019, including UK citizens, European Economic Area (EEA) and Swiss nationals (124 Millions), and Non-EEA nationals decreased (20 Millions).


3 Million total visas were granted in the Year Ended 31 March 2019, 77% issued to visitors coming to the UK for temporary stay, 8% were issued to students, 6% were issued to workers and 2% were issued for family reasons.



In the year ending March 2019 there were 2.3 million Visitor visas granted (including dependants), an increase of 9% to the highest level on record, following a general upward trend over the last 10 years.



The total number of work-related visas granted (including dependants) in the year ending March 2019 were 181,000.



In the year ending March 2019, there were 245,000 Tier 4 Student visas granted.



There were 163,000 visas granted for family reasons.



17,300 people were granted protection in the UK in the form of Refugee Status or Humanitarian Protection.

4328 people came to the UK through the Vulnerable Person Resettlement Scheme (VPRS) amongst the 5794 total refugees resettled to the UK.

32,000 asylum applications were made in the UK (excluding dependants). 17,300 applications were granted, a rate of almost half (approximately 50%).



Out of 92,636 settlement applications, 90,000 were granted, a grant rate of 96%.

EEA Nationals and their family members
96,000 Registration Certificates were issued to EEA Nationals.

99,000 Permanent Residence documents were issued to EEA Nationals including their non-EEA national family members.


British Citizenship

175,000 applications for British citizenship were made. 55,000 from EEA Nationals and 120,000 from non-EEA Nationals


Source: www.gov.uk/government/publications/immigration-statistics-year-ending-march-2019/summary-of-latest-statistics

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