If you want to stay, call GOOD ADVICE UK!

Our business team has multilingual, hard-working lawyers with an entrepreneurial mindset. They confidently assist enterprises, investors, and corporate clients with ways to meet their organisational immigration objectives.


As an innovative law firm, we always find creative solutions that suit these objectives in compliance with UK immigration rules and policies.


Business immigration services are primarily for corporate clients; however, the services also cater to niche audiences.


GOOD ADVICE UK offers immigration advice and specific guidance to:

Setting up your business in the UK

Why the UK?

The United Kingdom has a favourable climate for businesses, entrepreneurs and foreign investors for several reasons:


  1. For investors and wealth creators, its immigration policies are relatively welcoming.

  2. Registering a company for a new business takes less than 3 hours.
  3. Plenty of incentives to start a business and seek funding. Further, it still is the most affordable country in the world to start a business.
  4. Having one of the lowest Corporation Tax rates in the G20 and the second largest labour force in Europe.
  5. Hosting some of the world’s most prolific academic institutions.

How can we help?

If you would like to set up or take over an existing business in the UK, we can assist you with achieving your business objectives. Over the continuous duration spent and worked in the UK, your residence can then be made permanent, suggesting an opportunity for citizenship.


We work closely with other specialist services providers and collaborate with a diverse network of professionals including Business Analysts, Accelerators, Chartered Accountants, Real-Estate Solicitors, Banking Professionals, Family Lawyers, Mortgage Specialists, Finance Experts and other professionals who will competently assist with commercial aspects of starting a business in the UK.


We endeavour to provide our clients with a one-stop platform for business and immigration needs at GOOD ADVICE UK.

Outsourcing Partners


GOOD ADVICE UK thoroughly guides clients who seek to employ skilled foreign workers. Our competence extends to the Innovator and Start-up routes, where we further advise on regulatory requirements your UK business must have. 


Indeed, trusted partners are the backbone of any consistent business, and we smartly outsource their services. These partners are familiar with multiple UK industries and with the country’s socioeconomic climate. They have management backgrounds specialising in consulting, and they will certainly support your ideas with in-depth analyses to provide local market insights.


All in all, our professional network and introductions will significantly lead to your seamless relocation.

To arrange meeting with one of our lawyers, contact us by telephone at +44 207 720 2156 or by email at

If you have instructed us before, we would be pleased to know your feedback about your experience.

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GOOD ADVICE UK is registered in England and Wales as a Limited Company By Shares. Our Companies House Registration Number is: 06962398. We are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).

GOOD ADVICE UK is also authorised by the Information Commissioner Office in the UK and is a member of major legal organisations operating in the legal and immigration sectors including JCWI and ILPA.