Brexit and Business

  Founder & MD, Mr Atef Elmarakby (on right side) 

GOOD ADVICE UK hosted Breakfast Seminar for businesses within various industries in December.

Immigration has become one of the major milestones in Brexit. It was continuously concerning individuals and businesses, especially since the escalation of The Home Office’s Scandal concerning Windrush Scheme in 2018.

We have decided to host breakfast seminar, in partnership with payment services company FairFX, to help businesses navigate their entities both from legal and financial perspectives. During the seminar, we have covered the recent changes that were implemented within immigration system and have allowed our guests to ask questions that have concerned them. We guided them through complex EU Settlement Schemes, Free Movement and process of obtaining Sponsorship Licenses to continue retaining the best of talent. 

It was a pleasure to re-connect with our loyal clients and partners within construction, wealth management, real estate and political arenas. Along with that, it was a great opportunity for our guests to find potential partners and clients for their businesses.

We always strive to be the cornerstone of driving growth of businesses  and to support individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs and investors in  their immigration issues. 

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