EU Settlement Scheme Challenges

EU Settlement Scheme Challenges Our GOOD ADVICE UK Business Team has assisted more than 500 entrepreneurs throughout the years to come to the UK and start their businesses. In addition, we have also assisted more than 400 Sole Representatives of Overseas Businesses to bring their innovative products and services to the UK market.   Since… Continue reading EU Settlement Scheme Challenges

Representative of An Overseas Business Moving to the UK

Representative of An Overseas Business Moving to the UK Under the UK immigration Rules, an individual applicant may be granted entry to reside in the UK as the Sole Representative of an overseas Business/Company which is planning to set up a company branch in the UK or a wholly owned subsidiary.   The overseas business… Continue reading Representative of An Overseas Business Moving to the UK

UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa – All You Need to Know

UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa – All You Need to Know In this article, we will provide a detailed summary of the eligibility criteria of the UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur residence requirements leading to Permanent Residence in the UK and British citizenship.   Applicants and interested readers can see below the entry clearance requirements and… Continue reading UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa – All You Need to Know

Windrush Cases

Windrush Cases Imagine spending most of your life in a country – working, raising a family, building a future – and suddenly be told you may not have the right to reside in this country. The story is not hypothetical, the country is the UK and the group of people affected are the Commonwealth citizens… Continue reading Windrush Cases

Post-Brexit Immigration Facelift

Post-Brexit Immigration Facelift While all spectators are currently occupied with the UK Government’s White Paper published on 19 December 2018, laying how the new immigration system will look like from 1/1/2021, many individuals and families are concerned that there were new news for family immigration routes, especially for spouses of British citizens and the controversial… Continue reading Post-Brexit Immigration Facelift

UK Innovator Visa

UK Innovator Visa The long-awaited Innovator Route is now open for applicants with experienced business track records who are aiming to establish a business in the UK. This route is open for applicants who are able to demonstrate that they have a new business idea, which will have been assessed by a third party (an… Continue reading UK Innovator Visa

Totally Un-innovative Visa Route

Totally Un-innovative Visa Route Replacing the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Route the UK government introduced on 29 March 2019 the novel Innovator visa route for established businesspersons looking to set themselves up in the UK.   To date zero applications were made under the new Innovator Route due to its inherit flaws of design.  … Continue reading Totally Un-innovative Visa Route