We understand that as lawyers we are well-positioned to impact society and we saw the opportunity to better exploit our specific skills and the experience we have. We believe in both, the ability and responsibility of our business to contribute towards an improved standard of life and combating the world’s greatest social challenges.


GAUK recognizes the importance of the immigration issues and the litigant’s ability to present their own case and the availability of alternative routes in resolving the issue. Our approach to the practice of law is to ensure we deliver to our clients a service that is consistent with the highest professional and ethical standards.


The main types of social impacts that occur as a result of our dedicated work:


– Lifestyle impacts
– Cultural impacts
– Quality of life impacts
– Health impacts

We have a commitment to conduct ourselves ethically and to contribute to the economic development of the community while improving the quality of life of our workforce, their families, as well as society at large. 

It is impossible to fully capture and measure the true essence of our firm without understanding the depth and diversity of the efforts being undertaken to make a substantial impact on individuals, families, and businesses.


I believe that innovative business models start with a big idea and a vision of what could be and ground these goals in strong values that are embedded in the organization from the start. This is the reason I encourage and ensure our team does the extra mile in everything we do and everyone sees the bigger picture.


Our team consists  of young, ambitious and socially aware individuals and that is why I think we have the right people with the right approach to resolves issues at the intersection of UK’s immigration law and public policy, the protection of human rights and our firm’s strong commitment to delivering ethical results  in compliance with the rule of law.


We recruit, develop and promote on merit and operate an open, inclusive and supportive working environment because I believe diversity and inclusion are core values for our multi-skilled and multi-national team of uniquely talented people. Transparency increases engagement and also helps to motivate employees and volunteers as they see the progress they are contributing towards.


We are delighted to embrace our multi-skilled and multinational team of uniquely talented people, who invest their best knowledge, skills, and efforts to surpass our client’s expectations and turn them into impressive and measurable results.  Our team of young vibrant professionals never fails to take into account the key relevant social issues in the socio-political context that intercept with our respective field and doesn’t doubt to find, develop and apply participation strategy.


We do not deny that we expect a lot from our people and in return, we encourage them to demand a lot from us, this is a key factor in managing and developing talent. We want our staff to have fulfilling and happy lives outside of the workplace by not imposing unreasonable work demands and encouraging social inclusiveness. Contributing to society is one of our main goals and we always operate with the social impact we have in our minds.


How do we choose in which direction to stream our efforts? GOOD ADVICE UK’s professionals applied their legal and business skills, passionate commitment and boundless energy to helping others. The first step is to identify and involve all potentially affected groups and individuals. Public involvement should be an active and interactive process, in individuals. Public involvement should reach out to groups that do not routinely participle in government decision making, because of cultural, linguistic and economic barriers.


We want to help ensure that the needs and voices of diverse groups and people in community are taken into account.




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